ONE Water Filtration

Get Cleaner Water

ONE™ filters water more effectively than pitchers and
faucet filtration systems. ONE™ is capable of removing
a greater number of impurities, which means you and
your family get cleaner, clearer and fresher water for
drinking and bathing.

A Whole-Home Solution

ONE™ provides a single water filtration solution for
your entire home. Not just one tap, but every tap in
your home. That means you get safe, great-tasting
water from every faucet. The same clean water flows
from your shower and bathroom sink that you’ll find
in your kitchen.

Replace Filters Less Frequently

ONE™ eliminates the biggest inconvenience of home
water filtration: purchasing replacement filters every
few weeks. Wouldn’t you rather replace your filter
once a year than once a month? With ONE™ Water
Filtration Simplified, you now have that option.


A Hicksgas professional will conduct a complete water analysis at your home or business,
and recommend the right piece of equipment to solve your water problems!