Oxy Air

Highly Efficient Filters for
Iron and Sulfur Removal

Hicksgas Oxy Air FE (Iron) and Oxy Air HS (Sulfur) filters are
engineered with the latest in “green technology.” No chemicals,
no salt… just ordinary air and an innovative design that effectively
removes iron and sulfur.

Advanced microprocessor controls are programmed to address
specific water conditions. These “smart” systems continually monitor
water usage and adjust to your household water consumption,
ensuring a continuous supply of clean, iron and sulfur-free water.
It’s simply the perfect, environmentally friendly way to remove
nuisance ions, the Oxy Air Series.

Beyond Environmentally Friendly
Oxy Air Series filters are so efficient, they
will become the most environmentally
friendly water appliance in your home. Once
programmed to address your specific water
conditions, these systems self adjust to ensure a
continual supply of clean water, produced in an
environmentally friendly way. The result is better
water for your household and all your water
using appliances, eliminating unwanted stains,
odors and harmful iron deposits.
Beyond Conventional Filtering
Dissolved iron and sulfur have proven to be
difficult to remove from water. Yet, Oxy Air’s
filtering technology handles these problems
with ease. The secret is the system’s upper air
chamber and unique catalytic media.
The chamber oxidizes the dissolved iron
and sulfur using ordinary air. The special catalytic
media bed then captures charged contaminants,
converting them to solid particulates. The media
bed continues to capture and hold particulates
until the system regenerates with a backwashing
cycle that flushes the media clean.


A Hicksgas professional will conduct a complete water analysis at your home or business,
and recommend the right piece of equipment to solve your water problems!